Powering fast, adaptive, and intelligent cyber operations

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Archangel powers fast, adaptive and intelligent cyber ops. Continuously assess, monitor, and authorize systems using codeless architecture and artificial intelligence.


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Codeless Architecture

Configure and rollout your perfect security processes, workflows, and forms

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Governance, Risk & Compliance Extreme Automation

Create your system security plan and go through a full assessment in less than 30 days

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Global State Machine for Cyber Intelligence

Intelligently integrate GRC and CDM to get precise, real-time security risks using codeless integration

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Multi-Dimensional Inheritance

Leverage and inherit common controls for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

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Anomaly AI, Compliance AI and Gen AI

Use AI to evaluate and predict security risk 24×7

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Get a large library of intelligent and sophisticated cybersecurity dashboards

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Standardize security data using OSCAL native data structure

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Continuously asess, monitor, scan, and authorize information systems

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Fortified By FedRAMP High Security

Get high impact, zero trust, and industrial grade protection out-of-the-box