make your applications smarter with codeless ai

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Forsight uncovers hidden insights and predicts critical business events using Advanced AI. From identifying risks and fraud to optimizing pricing strategies, Forsight offers a codeless interface to drive success.


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Codeless Architecture

Build and train your own AI model without relying on costly data scientists

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Applied AI

Embed AI into your business processes, workflows, and applications using Intelligent APIs

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Private Workspaces

Manage your data and models in your private workspaces and collaborate with people that you trust

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Self-Service Analytics

Configure your own dashboards and connect them to any data source

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Collaborate with partners to collect and curate data sets within a secure workspace

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Gen AI

Build Generative AI models to curate proprietary knowledge and secure it by design

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Anomaly AI

Build your own AI to detect security vulnerabilities, fraud, waste and abuse, or risk

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Cluster AI

Build your own AI to group similar data for marketing, human resources, finance, etc.

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Fortified By FedRAMP High Security

Get high impact, zero trust, and industrial grade protection out-of-the-box